WAMNET network

WAMNET (“West African Magnetometer NETwork”) is a network of three magnetometers located in:

  • *Samogossoni (SAM) and Bakaryw√©r√© (BAK) in Mali, since March 2006,
  • *Korhogo (KOR) in Ivory Coast, since February 2009.

The WAMNET project aims at providing high-quality vector magnetic data in the equatorial region, as a complement of the global INTERMAGNET observatory network. Such data are useful for investigations of the equatorial electrojet, a thin electrical current flowing along the magnetic dip-equator at 110 km altitude. Specific scientific goals include the preparation of the upcoming ESA Earth Explorer mission Swarm and space weather related studies.

Each station is made of a three-axis fluxgate magnetometer within a thermally insulated building. Data are acquired every 1s (since February 2009, every 1 min before that date) and are retrieved every three months.
The WAMNET project is funded by the French Space Agency (CNES).

Download WAMNET data