Statutorily, the BCMT Director is the IPGP Director, Claude Jaupart (since January 2011).

The BCMT Executive Director is Arnaud Chulliat.

The main executive body of the BCMT is its Management Committee, which meets about once a year and is composed of eight members (or their representatives):

  • Claude Jaupart, Director of IPGP,
  • Arnaud Chulliat, Director of IPGP Magnetic Observatories,
  • Xavier Lalanne, Head of the Chambon-la-Forêt station,
  • Michel Granet, Director of EOST,
  • Aude Chambodut, Director of EOST Magnetic Observatories,
  • Yves Gouriou, Director of US191 at IRD,
  • Gilbert Juste, Director of IRD Magnetic Observatories,
  • Michel Menvielle, Director of ISGI.

Representatives of the funding agencies (CNRS-INSU, IPEV, CNES and CEA) and of French geomagnetism research laboratories are often invited to participate to Management Committee meetings.

The main advisory body of the BCMT is its Scientific Council, set up in 2009. The Scientific Council meets every two years and produces observations and recommendations compiled in written reports. As of November 2011, the BCMT Scientific Council is composed of nine members:

  • Jacques Hinderer (EOST, Strasbourg, France),
  • Gauthier Hulot (IPGP, Paris, France),
  • Andrew Jackson (ETH Zürich, Switzerland),
  • Dominique Jault (ISTerre, Grenoble, France),
  • David Kerridge (BGS, Edinburgh, UK), Chair,
  • Jeffrey J. Love (USGS, Golden, Colorado, USA),
  • Christophe Sotin (JPL, Pasadena, California, USA),
  • Erwan Thébault (IPGP, Paris, France),
  • Susanne Vennerstroem (DTU Space, Copenhagen, Denmark)